Thanks to Cindy Gordon who gave me a copy of the book she just wrote with John & JoAnn Girard, Business Goes Virtual: Realizing the Value of Collaboration, Social and Virtual Strategies.  I will be interviewing Cindy for the Education Institute Conversations with Leaders series on Tuesday December 6th at 2pm EST.  The book begins with a definition of virtual business and the new face of organizations which is being enabled by social technology.  Another enabler in the virtual world is leadership and Chapter 3 of the book shares stories of a number of businesses and the strategies that have been successful for them — lots of tips for any organization here!  The culture of sharing and collaboration is another enabler for virtual business and the book includes some great stats on the return on collaboration.  Virtual worlds and their adoption by tweens is covered and discussed as an impact for organizations of the future.  Strategies for and examples of successful organizations abound — you’ll get lots of ideas and insights from the book and from my interview with Cindy.  Get the latest strategies and insights for any organization as our world becomes more virtual.  Join us.  Register here.