I just had an opportunity to read the FUMSI (Find, Use, Manage & Share Information) Report on Social Media for Research, a compilation of articles published by Free Pint and edited by Marcy Phelps.  As Marcy says, not only have the technologies and tools changed from the early online days, but so have the participants and the content.  The articles included in this report are very informative:

* Twitter for business intelligence discusses lots of interesting tools for doing research using Twitter — a real eye opener for me!

* LinkedIn: An awesome resource for building your reputation, your connections & your knowledge

* The people have spoken: Tapping into the collective intelligence of social media to brainstorm a new project

* Social networks in reseasrch — I love the tips to improve your cold calling success.

* Evolution in source evaluation: Using social media data — includes great evaluation and influence ranking frameworks as well as influence metrics resources and tools.