What a great fall day when we celebrate Jim Henson’s 75th birthday and wish he was still with us.  What a creative genius who dared to do something different and made a difference in so many lives!  I love this post from last year about leadership lessons from the Muppets:  so many positive words from such interesting perspectives including Kermit and the Fraggles.  Rebecca and I have been talking a lot lately about critical thinking and the necessity of looking at challenges from difference frames or perspectives.  So check out those from the Muppets, they’re great!

And also have a look at Search Engine Land’s post about today’s Google Muppet doodle. It explains the interactivity of this doodle even if it doesn’t have audio like lots of net curmudgeons complained about this morning.  Life is too short — Henson died at 53.  Be happy and creative; enjoy your weekend and Henson’s Google Muppet Day!