I agree with Bill Kaplan of Working Knowledge CSP (Concept, Strategy, Practice),  long time KM practitioner and consultant.  On a recent forum discussion he said, ” I believe KM is about improving performance at the individual, team and organization level.  As such, it is about (1) enabling an ability to make better business or operational (mission) decisions based on what you know about what you do, (2) to solve problems or address challenges with existing knowledge, and (3) creating new knowledge to solve new problems or challenges. For private sector CEOs, CFOs and other accountable business leaders and also the public sector leadership who get it, and whose existence, and perhaps business and sometimes personal lives may depend on a rapid ability to leverage their knowledge (information + experience), in the end, they will tell you we shouldn’t confuse effort with results … and who cares what it is called.”

The term knowledge management means something different to almost everyone, in my opinion.  I like to think of it as Bill does — sharing knowledge to improve performance, make better decisions, enable learning,problem-solving, innovation.  This year’s KMWorld 2011, Nov 1-3 in DC has the theme, Networked Enterprises: Empowered to Share & Apply Knowledge, and is filled with practical tips and techniques for doing just that — sharing knowledge for bottom line performance improvement.  Check out the high-powered speakers, practictioners and thought leaders.  Register and join us for learning conversations, in-depth workshops, and lots of networking with colleagues.   After all as Bill says, “it’s about creating value from knowledge!”