Just read this post, There Will be No Files in the Cloud,  about ownership and access in the cloud and how the author used music as an example.  Libraries have followed the music industry in many facets of its development — into CDs to store information and data many years ago, into iTunes and YouTube for informational, story telling and training videos and podcasts, and more.  So when I read this post, the Global Library in the Cloud (GLC) or World Wide Library in the Cloud, popped into my head where are books are available digitally in whatever language you want. By clicking on a link you can download to a device to read or print, and there may or may not be a charge for this, and it’s as easy as Wikipedia I’m not sure how it will be organized, but that’s for the taxonomists and information architects to figure out!  So in this GLC figment of my imagination would we need libraries?  Well, certainly libraries would still

* provide community hubs for learning and discussion at all ages

* train participants to find authoritative information and specific facts & data — information literacy

* provide safe and social environments for all ages

* connect people without the means or abilities to the information or materials they need

* showcase and demonstrate new technology and new tools to deal with the information flood — technology literacy

So yes, libraries do have a future, but can you imagine a GLC?  What do you think it will look like?