Google’s Ngram Viewer is Google’s latest tool to bring books “alive” with increasing interactivity.  As ReadWriteWeb says “Google’s efforts to digitize the world’s books have created theirfair share of consternation in the publishing world, but they sure have given us access to some wonderful data.” True, true.  And isn’t that what libraries want to do? Bring books — bring data — bring facts — bring writing & images – alive for people?

The Ngram View allows you to track the usage of words or phrases throughout the books digitized by Google (about 10% of books published since 1400 I guess – phew!).  Here’s a sampling (thanks ReadWriteWeb):

How cool.  I hope public libraries have “Look at This!” sessions showing people what this app – and other Google apps can do, to bring content & context alive for people.  There’s nothing cooler than a library showcasing cool tools. Wanna change lives? Show people possibilities.