I love this post from Dan Frommer, The Future of News is Going to be Awesome.  And it has so many implications for those in the knowledge and information biz.  Dan says: “Perhaps the trepidation is because the people who deliver today’s news — journalists and publishers — are the ones who could be the most displaced by the change. Most of today’s news organizations — newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television networks, etc. — will look drastically different in a decade or so. Many will disappear, and only the resourceful will thrive.”  But for the consumer, it’s exciting.  Here’s Dan’s highlights:

*People will have more sources of information and “news” than ever before.

Information will travel even faster and be more portable.

Software is the future of media.

You are your own editor.

*It’s good to be a curator.

Advertising will improve… and that will change the whole game.

News and commerce must further blend.

More sources, coming faster to wherever you are whenever you want means that as you will need to edit and curate the tremendous flow with the help of cool tools…. and the business and advertising world will spin the axis another bunch of degrees.  Yes, exciting, scary but pretty darn amazing  for those of us trained to deal with information and knowledge flows, who are flexible enough to change quickly and fit into the new big picture of our organizations and communities.  What are implications for you?  your organization or community?  Use your imagination and let me know!