Jeremiah Owyang

Great Mashable interview, 5 Tips for Creating More Efficient Social Media Processes,  with Jeremiah Owyang,  opening keynote speaker at KMWorld 2011. I’m looking forward to Jeremiah’s talk in DC on Nov 1, Architecting a Connected Enterprise.

From the article: “Creatingexecuting and evaluating a social media plan takes a healthy amount of time, money and talent — resources that are scarce in today’s business world….Here are 5 essential tips:


1. Utilize your existing team

2. Build a plan that is nimble

3. Minimize spend on tools & consultants

4. Hire qualified talent

5. Learn from others”

Interesting that these tips are the same ones we use with clients when we are working on strategic or direction planning.  We work with the existing team to create flexible plans with stretch in them, using their talents to create environmental scans, focus groups, organization interviews as much as we can.  We definitely encourage learning from others by doing industry research, as we did recently: Assessing Innovation in Corporate & Government Libraries.