Librarian’s Worth Around the World: Infographic

Obizmedia creates infographics – real “a picture paints a thousand words” infographics.  Below is an infographic they recently created for Masters in Education.Org depicting Librarian’s Worth Around the World. Interesting.  Have a look.  And then consider using a firm like Obizmedia – or a communications/graphics specialist –  to convey a message to your customers — your Board — your community — your campus — your Provost — your Council…consider the possibilities. Save the thousand words; people stop listening after 10.

Obizmedia also has an Anatomy of a Librarian infographic. Check that out too. I love the heels — I’ll bet Bobbi Newman does too!


8 thoughts on “Librarian’s Worth Around the World: Infographic

  1. Joann

    Regarding the graphic “What Are Librarians Worth Around the World?”, a comparison of librarians’ salaries would be more informative if it included a table contrasting each country’s salary with the average salary for the population as a whole. Without this data, the reader cannot tell, at least in a monetary sense, how highly (or poorly) compensated the librarians and educational professionals are.

    Also, money is not the only measure of a librarian. Through conversations with people outside the U.S., I understand that an educator’s/librarian’s monetary remuneration may not truly indicate the level of respect they receive from the communities they serve. In a poor country, one’s salary may be low but the amount of respect one’s position commands may be quite high compared to the work of others. This aspect of “value” is more difficult to quantify.

  2. Diana

    I love this (and intend to post the URL for all my friends to see), but GAH! The part about how many librarians are going to retire and how much the profession will grow! Isn’t that a fallacy? I’ve been told it is by many sources; the “greying” of the profession, I’m led to believe, isn’t going to affect the rate of growth due to changes in the field.

    If I’m wrong, please correct me. I’d LOVE to be wrong on that!

  3. Leslie

    I, too, love the infographic, and find it very informative. I breaks my heart, though, to see “there” instead of “their” on the bookshelf showing how we spend our time. I like to think that if a librarian had proofed that graphic, the error would have been caught!

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