Thanks to Scott Brown (@scbrown5) for pointing us to Tweet Topic Explorer, a tool that sizes & clusters tweeted topics.  As you can see in the screen capture below, Tweet Topic visually maps & clusters the topics & then colour-coordinates the topics to the tweets that keep updating on the right side. COOL.  Very COOL.  I first “explored” Infodocket to see if it would help me quickly scan all those tweets & links I’m supposed to be keeping up with. Voila!

Then I explored #sla2011 (below) – just the cluster.



Thanks to Jeff Clark of Neoformix: Discovering & Illustrating Designs in Data, for using Processing to create a word cluster diagram to quickly & easily view the topics & re-tweets of a specific tweeter or hashtag. Jeff did this to determine who – and what – he wants to follow; his Tweet Topics shows “the most frequently used words in their tweets and how they are grouped together.”  Brilliant. Thank you.

Oh, and since many librarians and information professionals use way too much text & not enough images, explore Neoformix &/or follow @jeffclark for a while; his ideas & advice are amazing.