I am not sure that I agree with John C. Abell’s article in Wired5 Reasons Why E-Books Aren’t There Yet:

1. An unfinished e-book isn’t a constant reminder to finish reading it.  My kindle is always with me (that’s why I got into trouble when I dropped it in the bathtub!)

2. You can’t keep all your books in one place. I find this reason to be really interesting as ebooks are sorted by app and unless you use only one (like a Kindle) you will need some other app to put them all together.  Calling all librarians — you’ll have this one figured out soon I’m sure.  Just look at the “Amazon”-like book catalogs in many libraries.

3. Notes in the margin make you think.  Hmmmmm, white space in ebooks for readers to riff in…..interesting.

4. Ebooks are positioned to be disposable, but their prices aren’t. Well, there is some progress in the ability to share ebooks and libraries are finding more ways to lend ’em.  But we are definitely not there yet.

5. Ebooks can’t be used for interior design. No, but they take up a hell of a lot less space in your house or office!  Thank goodness!  And you can take your collection with you anywhere you go.

So maybe we aren’t there yet, but we’re getting closer!  And I can’t wait for all the ebook discussions at Internet Librarian 2011 .  There is a two day stream of programs planned, Ebook Evolution & Revolution, Oct 18/19 in Monterey CA  and it’s filled with publishers, distributors, aggregators, librarians from every type of library, industry watchers, and more!  Should be a great conversation.  Hope you can join in!