Learning is what humans do, whether it’s early learning from family, school learning from teachers and professors, self development or personal and lifelong  learning through reading, viewing, listening, or watching.  But we all need encouragement on the learning journey.  I am blessed that my mother, a former elementary school teacher, instilled in me a curiosity and courage to learn and ask questions .  Who else would go up to a nun in formal attire when they were 3 and ask, “Are you a penguin?”  I have encouraged, I think, many people in my career.  One close friend who was a one time was afraid to cold call people on the telephone and today is a worldwide thought leader and sought-after speaker.  The other day, I was a conference, and during a table discussion heard a great process described.  When it came time for the tables to share with the larger group, the person who shared this process hung back, and I encouraged her to speak up.  She did and the whole audience was interested and conference leaders connected her with another attendee who really wanted to know more about her process.  It takes so little to encourage others and give them the courage to speak up, share, and achieve.  That’s what networking, mentoring, and caring are all about.  Who have you encouraged today?