Change? You bet. Some segments of the library world focus on the difficulties of changing library services and systems. Jane focuses on those who ARE changing — who are progressing positively and persistently.  This is a photo of how Ryerson University Library is using QR codes for students to download for an audio tour of the Library. At OLA 2011 Superconference, Jane moderated Change Management: A View from our Colleagues, featuring the evolving and effective changes underway at Ryerson University and the UK House of Commons Libraries.

Jane first wrote about John Pullinger’s leadership at the United Kingdom’s House of Commons’ Library in Summer 2010. Since assuming his position as Director General, John has focused on creating a unified service for Members and the public. His sphere of responsibility includes the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, the Parliamentary Webcentre, the House of Commons Media and Communications Service, the Parliamentary Education Service, Parliamentary Visitor Services, the House of Commons Information Office and the Curator’s Office. As John says, “The key thing we have is the ability to build a relationship with each Member of Parliament….tailor our services for their specific needs….” To raise Member awareness of the services they write to each individual Member as soon as they arrive at the House of Commons, and go to the places where Members congregate to introduce themselves.

John couldn’t attend the conference and was kind enough to forward this video for the session:


Madeleine Lefebvre, Chief Librarian; Sonny Banerjee, Librarian, Library Learning Services; Weina Wang, Head, Borrowing & Lending Services
and Mandi Arlain, Circulation Services Supervisor
described the staff collaboration and contribution to changes at Ryerson. Like John, Madeleine assumed her position there a few years ago. Her approach can be best described as sensitively strategic. From an external review through to the development of a visionary strategic plan and on to a staff-developed organizational structure Madeleine’s focus has blended respect for the Library’s situation with urgency to align with the University’s growth and directions. Here’s their presentation: