Simple ways to save time

Like most of you, I’m always looking for ways to save time at work. I abhor the phrase “work smarter” — I’m working as “smart” as I can, thank you very much, and I’m still working massive hours. So when I see things that cut off minutes (or hours — oh, how I’d love to reduce the “hours” of some projects!), I grab them.

I originally started following David Seah’s blog “Investigating Design, Productivity, Empowerment and Inspiration” for the design ideas (which always gives me pause for thought for library services), but he has some wonderful time-savers.  Take the Compact Calendar.  For those of us planning lots of projects, sometimes simultaneously, this is an early holiday gift.  I’ve already printed & used this “Candy Bar Theory of Calendar”. As David says, when you are project planning you are estimating workdays available (yes, including weekends!), critical milestone dates, calendar days as well as workdays, and, of course, those pesky holidays that impact work time.   The usual tools, like the Gantt Chart, are bulky & can’t really be used in the client office or when you are just trying to get a feel for the size of the project and “what are we really looking at in terms of committed days?”

He has other Productivity Tools too.

And, I just read on ReadWriteWeb that Google Docs now has drag ‘n drop for images and files! WOOT! I find Google Docs so useful for projects or co-writing presentations/training, etc.  This is great news!

Has anyone got any other ways to shave some minutes off of tasks & add a few minutes onto the time we can go home?

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