Pat Martin of Litlamp Communications and author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer & What it Means to Your Business was a lively opening keynote speaker for Internet Librarian 2010 this morning.  She talked about the renaissance generation, which reflects a rebirth, regeneration, creativity, innovation but also requires the shedding of some things.  She suggested three ways for libraries (or any organization I would say) to create value for their community, and not be shed in the new renaissance generation:

* Put the user at the center

* Let the user collaborate on the user experience in your organization

* Curate the human interface

Other suggestions included getting out of the library building and becoming community managers and hubs of information.  Libraries can do this very well as they are respected and credible for giving neutral information.  The Edmonton Public Library hired 11 community managers last year who are doing wonderful things in their community.

I loved Pat’s comment that “the story is the new killer app” — what a great message for libraries.  See her presentation here, but fast forward through the part where I pretend to be Tom Hogan Senior!  Watch for an interview with Patricia Martin coming soon from the Shanachies on TWIL, This Week in Libraries.