Little Librarian – “Play Library!”

Now for sale in a few select stores, including the Library of Congress Gift Store is “The Little Librarian” kit.  A finalist in the Disney Family Fun Magazine Contest, this kit was developed by a mother and daughter — and comes complete with ideas for kids to “play library”, including turning your car into a book mobile, or hosting story time. What a hoot!

Why didn’t those in libraries think of this?  Sigh…..  this is innovation and play at work!

2 thoughts on “Little Librarian – “Play Library!”

  1. Wendy Blue

    Call me a jaded librarian (I have worked as a professional librarian for almost 20 years), but this mother of three just doesn’t see the point of this kit and can clearly see why a librarian didn’t think of it – what libraries still use book cards and pockets? At $19.95 USD why not buy your child an actual book or two to encourage reading?

    1. Rebecca Jones Post author

      Hi Wendy – yep, good points! It’s just fun, that’s all — we learn through play — and part of this kit is that the kids use their “collections” and loan to friends; maybe they’ll even play ‘loaning e-devices’! Many kids have created their own “kits” or “play library”, which means the library is on their minds — which is where we want it to be! Thanks for reading & commenting!

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