Thank you Google for immortalizing the Flinstones cartoon, which began on September 30th in 1960, with a Google doodle today.  I love it and it brings back so many childhood memories. But it also reminds me of the many generations out there, lots who have no idea who the Flintstones are!

I had a great conversation this morning with Pat Martin of Litlamp Communications and author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer & What it Means to Your Business. Pat is an expert marketer, strategist, and a wonderful speaker.  She is the opening keynote speaker at Internet Librarian 2010 next month, Monday October 25th, in Monterey CA.  She will talking about adding value to your community and I know has great examples, suggestions, and tactics.  She is very creative when it comes to partnerships and has worked with ALA in the past so understands the information community and respects its strategic position for dealing with the cultural consumer of today.    Hope you can join us for this Pat’s talk.