I’m always looking for articles, writings, & ideas about how we’ll work in the future. Not just the type of work that we’ll be doing, but the environment in which we’ll be working too. The how we’ll work is pretty heavily inter-related with the where we’ll work & who’ll we’ll work with (be they clients/patrons or colleagues).  I’m one of those who strongly believes that the workplace (which will be as much as “chair space” as an “air space” — meaning a physical & vi

rtual space) will be increasingly flexible & collaborative both in terms of the organization chart and the physical layout.

FastCompany features “How We’ll Work in 2025” by Cliff Kuang complete with fabulous photos of different neighbourhoods within a building that will support different types of work; need quiet time? There’s a pod for you…… working on a group project – and one of the group is across town or across timezones? there’s a grouproom with screen/cam/connections for you.

Kuang talks about the transparency of this this type of glassed building for a bank, to allow the clients to “fully experience the business.”  Now we need to imagine this type of space supporting the way we need to work in libraries, with lots of glass & “neighbourhoods” within the library allowing users to “fully experience the library” and staff to “fully experience the library & all that IT and THEY can be.”