LJ Movers & Shakers @ CIL 2010

Library Journal M & S 2010

Library Journal M & S 2010

Congratulations to all Library Journals Movers & Shakers! If you would like to meet and see some of them in action, join us at Information Today’s Computers in Libraries 2010, Apr 12-14 in the DC area.   As speakers we have Gretchen Caserotti, Matt HamiltonJason Puckett, Maurice Coleman, Lisa Carlucci Thomas.  Apologies to others I may have missed but I’m sure there will be lots of other Movers & Shakers from the class of 2010 at Computers in Libraries and I know there will be many from previous years!  So come and network with them.

Bobbi Newman’s post pointed me to all these wonderful people this morning and provides links to more info about them.  I also love the post from one of last year’s Movers & Shakers, Lori Reed, on how to be prepared for this award. Lori and Bobbi will also be at CIL2010.  Join us!

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