It’s so exciting how Information Today is using its content management system to build a community for their conference events that I’m using Google’s doodle to celebrate with some fiddling!  Yes today is the 332nd birthday of Antonio Vivaldi, an Italian composer.  But I digress, something unusual for me, right?

Happy Fiddling with Google doodle!

Happy Fiddling with Google doodle!

So go to the Computers in Libraries 2010 website and click on speakers.  You can now reach those speakers through Twitter, Facebook, their blog, or LinkedIn when they update their speaker page.  Check out Joe Murphy and myself, Jane Dysart, to get the idea.  Computers in Libraries 2010 also has a wiki to build more community, and this year has a special section — 25th anniversary memory bank.  If you have a vibrant memory of a past Computers in Libraries conference, please share it!

Computers in Libraries 2010 also has lots of face to face networking opportunities planned during the conference.  So register and join us:

* workshops, Sunday April 11th and Thursday April 15th

* Sunday evening, “Games & Gadgets Petting Zoo

* Breeakfasts & coffee breaks during the conference, April 12-14

* Informal dine arounds with colleagues

* unstructured, facilitated session on topics such as Google Wave, Twitter, Drupal

* perhaps a spontaneous “unconference” as seen in the hotel lobby last year

* and of course, the always popular “Dead & Innovative Technology” evening

There are always lots of hallway discussions so join us next month in person and check us out online too!