I bought a new TV for the kitchen last night. Yes, I did.  The “big screen” may be in the family room, but the truth is that we are often all parked with our laptops & homework/work at the kitchen island watching the 13″ little bubble.  Well, the Olympics starts tonight – right in our own country, and I don’t plan on missing much of it.  And, I want my kids to see the Olympians — the athletes & the coaches & the families — and to hear their incredible stories and maybe, just maybe, pick up something from these stories.

We all have much to learn from the Olympians; talk about having vision.  Talk about picturing that ideal state & working towards it!  Talk about perseverance, and building relationships to make things happen.

When “Six Things We can Learn from Olympians” landed in my Blogger, I was hi-5ing my computer (being careful not to hurt the screen, of course).  Here’s their 6 things with my musings:

1. Set a goal and break it down into tasks with timelines. Not a revolutionary idea, but, wow, libraries & businesses somehow get freaked by the big goal & forget that it’s just a bunch of little goals building on each other over time.

2. Cross-train. You use many skills along the way, and you need many different skills to accomplish tasks. Cross-train yourself & others.

3. Workout with Others. You can’t do it alone. Unhuh.  Work with & partner with others — others that are at different levels, and with different perspectives & know-how.

4. Create a team. Enough said.

5. Find your Motivation. If you aren’t inspired, ask yourself, honestly, why that is. Those goals you set back at #1 are useless if you aren’t motivated to reach the vision — and if that vision doesn’t PULL you towards it.

6. Put on an Olympic Attitude. Think winning. Thinking winning with the team.  Think fun & inspiration & reaching your vision – and helping those you work with or live with reach their vision. Put on the Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” for your library, your organization, your team, yourself, your family.  It doesn’t mean hurting others on your way to your vision. It does mean vision, passion, dedication, teaming, collaboration, & joy.  Never forget the joy.

It’s hard typing with these red Canadian Olympic mittens on! Have a great weekend all!