Social Media & the 2010 Olympics

Google Doodle for Olympic Curling

Google Doodle for Olympic Curling

I just love what social media is adding to the 2010 Olympics!  From the thousands of tweets from the #Olympics Twitter feed, to YouTube videos, to Facebook, social media is definitely enriching my experience of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Amazing.

My favorite tweets so far are from the people calling curling “ice shuffleboard” but the number of tweets supporting the athletes is truly incredible.  On Facebook, I became a fan of Vancouver 2010 Olympics and last night right after the Canada/Swiss hockey game, they posted asking who had seen the game.  Within 4 minutes I and three hundred others had responded that we liked it!  Every time I refreshed my screen it went up by 50+ people and within 24 minutes over 1500 “liked” the post and a third had made comments.  After 10 hours, over 3,500 “liked” the post and 1,150+ had made comments about the post.  YouTube has a rich base of videos about the Olympics but several of my favorites include commercials about future young athletes and Canada’s first gold medal on home soil, but I also love Shaun White’s gold medal big air performance with amazing spins, flips and twists (all together!).

So social media is definitely engaging and bringing the world together over wonderful global events.  Yeah!

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