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Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies

Interesting to see the new style of Google doodle for the 21st Winter Olymics and fantastic to see all the wonderful international athletes gather in my country — 82 nations are represented.  As my friend Stephen says,”with all their positive attitues and karma all in one place.  They set an example that everything is possible.”  I certainly believe that too!

How exciting to see how social media is affecting the games this year .  The twitter feed was amazing during the opening ceremonies — seemed like 1000 tweets per minute at #olympics.  I couldn’t keep up but had a good time reviewing some very funny comments!

Since my son used to do “spinny, flippy things” on a snowboard I particularly loved the beginning of the opening ceremonies with the snowboarder at the top of a pristine hill, racing down amid dramatic views, flying through a maple leaf llighted by many torch bearers, and culminating in the indoor venue (a first for the Olympics) of the opening ceremonies, B.C. Place.  I do hope that segment gets posted on YouTube, as I’d love to see it again.

However, it is also a very sad beginning to this great event with the death of a 21 year old athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvill.  Great to see that today’s Google doodle is indeed a luger.

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