I love to read, always have — what a surprise right?  And I always thought I liked the actual books but now I know it is really the content I love — the ideas, the puzzles, the stuff that makes you think and imagine.  And I know this how?  I am in love with my Amazon Kindle.  I thought it would be great for taking a bunch of books away with me when I’m gone for several weeks or so.  Less weight since air travel is such a pain these days.  I wanted to try it out as I have always love to gadgets.  I was amazed last November when a plane I was on had half the people using ebook readers.

So I downloaded a bunch of books to take away with a month ago.  BTW, it is easy on the Kindle as it has wireless capabilities.   I loved the feel of the Kindle, the weight, the ease of use as soon as I started using it.  I could bump the font up so I don’t have to squint (yeah, I’m getting old!).  I could take it anywhere; even on the bright sunny beach it excelled.  The one thing I had not anticipated was that I could rest the reader on my knee, on the back of the seat in front of me on the plane, on a pillow and only flick the next page button — so almost hands free,  amazing.  The Kindle even passed the bathtub test ( I didn’t drop it) although I’m now trying to design a bathtub accessory for hands free usage!

After reading 3 ebooks, I read a trade paperback and couldn’t wait to get back to the Kindle.  So I now know it is definitely all about the content, not the format, for me.  There will be many less piles of books in my future, and many more ebooks in my Kindle.  Oh Kindle, My Kindle, I love you!’

I also think it’s interesting that Deloitte’s top predicition for TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications) in their Canadian predictions for 2010 is, “E-readers will see strong growth in 2010, but this will slow down the following year due to competition from other mobile devices like smart phones, netbooks and tablets. Deloitte anticipates e-readers will ultimately remain a niche device, while e-book sales skyrocket.”  Content rules, containers change and so do we!