Library & Research Services for Parliaments

Workshop day

Workshop day

The Library & Reseaerch Services for Parliaments section of IFLA is meeting at the Joint Parliamentary Library building in Rome, a former monastary (where Galileo was tried)  with wonderful frescos, marble, wood as well as a fantastic view of the top of the Pantheon from the cafeteria on the 6th floor.  What an amazing venue for a meeting.  Tuesday started with a workshop on leveraging technology. I participated in the workshop with Donna Scheeder, Director, Law Library Services, Library of Congress and Moira Fraser, Parliament of New Zealand.  My presentation slides are here and the others will join mine shortly.

On Wednesday our large group of about 250 from more than 50 countries, learned about the Italian Parliament, their Joint Parliamentaty Library and ended our day in the Senate which was first used in 1861 followed by a wonderful dinner in a fantastic atmosphere.  More to come.

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