Art Sobczak's Pic. Thx

Art Sobczak's Pic. Thx.

Well, sort of.  First, let me say the dueling pianos and great songs were truly amazing.  The ACC in Toronto rocked.  Elton John and Billy Joel are two popular, talented and entertaining guys.  My ears are still ringing & I’m still humming their tunes.  OK lessons.

I just tried out Topsy, “a search engine powered by tweets”.  And I put in “Billy Joel Concert” since I’d just seen one last night and thought I’d fine some of my tweets and what others had to say.  Interesting, I found a blog post from an earlier concert entitled, Sales Lessons from the Elton John/Billy Joel Concert.  I loved the way this guy, Art Sobczak, used what he saw at the concert to make points about how to do sales.  The post does point somewhat to the differences in audiences (Canadian versus US), and that Billy Joel used many of the same jokes in Toronto as he did in Omaha.  Topsy also picked up a picture of Kevin Spacey with Billy Joel.  Not much came up with I added Toronto to the search.  Wonder where my tweets are.  Topsy tells you to put in your twitter name, interesting that it only picks up three listings for me. Hmmmm, what are the lessons here about searching conversations?

And because I like info and wanted more, I checked out John & Joel websites. I looked at Elton’s website — pretty interesting with videos, ecommerce, philanthropy, community, and more.  Not bad.  And Billy’s website which also has podcasts and a mobile section where you can send him text messages.  Even better.  More marketing lessons here.  And looking at Joel’s earlier pics I can certainly see why he referred to himself last night as Bill’s father!  Anyway, enough lessons and trying to fit concerts into my regular stream of posts.  But if you have the chance, take in the John/Joel concert.  Fabulous.