Twitter Trending & “Mesh09”

Wishing I was there.

Wishing I was there.

Unfortunately it has been a few years since I have been able to attend the Mesh conference in Toronto with key themes: conntect, share, inspire.  I decided to check in with the conference via Twitter today and found it was a top trending Twitter topic, just as Computers in Libraries 2009 was last week!  And I discovered an interesting presentation by Bonin Bough, Global Director, Digital & Social Media, Pepsico. I thought I’d share what I learned from watching other people’s comments and see if I could blog about the session even though I wasn’t there.

Bough emphasized that “It is all about the story telling” whatever the medium — the best will succeed. “You can no longer stand on a hill & talk to people, you have to come into their homes and share.”   You can’t be disruptive, you need to add to the experience — be an enabler.  “If you drive passion, interest in the product follows.”  “Have a digital strategy board and be focused in a digital direction.”  “We are shifting from impressions/perceptions to connections –listening, understanding, conversing.”

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