Buzzin’ CIL 2009

Great conference!

Great conference!

I hope all the 2000+ attendees, speakers, and exhibitors enjoyed Computers in Libraries 2009 as much as I did.  Three terrific keynotes: Lee Rainie, Paul Holdengraber interviewed by Erik Boekesteijn, Michael Edson.  Almost 200 terrific speakers.  A fabulous Dead & Innovative Tech evening. Follow the coverage by Information staff and other bloggers at the conference.  And, of course, the Twitter feed (#CIL2009) which was a top trending topic for several days of the conference as well as the hundreds of pictures on Flickr which are still being loaded.  And I just got the link to Michael Sauers’ highlight video — 4 days of CIL in 11.5 minutes. Thanks everyone for making it such a great experience — filled with learning, laughing, conversations, networking, and so much more.

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