Learning with leaders, thinking like leaders, being leaders

Learning with leaders, thinking like leaders, being leaders

Continuing with my “I love Harvard Business Review” theme, I’ve just listened to 2 great podcasts from www.Harvardbusiness.org at http://blogs.bnet.com/intercom/?cat=27. And both tie into the Think Tank LMD is holding on Saturday June 13th at the Annual Conference (only $299 for members!)  Ticketed Event #280

In the podcasts, Tom Kolditz highlights his book,  “In Extremis Leadership: Leading as if Your Life Depending on It,” and speaks of how, in dangerous or uncertain times, the #1 thing followers look for in their leaders is competence, and their trust depends on that competence being demonstrated.  Sydney Finkelstein, talks about how good managers make bad decisions when they ignore certain warning signals.  The Think Tank addresses these and other issues that information professionals who work with leaders – eurior who are in leadership positions themselves need to grapple with.
Clare Hart, Executive VP Dow Jones and President, Dow Jones Enterprise Media Groupis the instructor for Being Recognized, Being Heard. Clare works with the group on communication and influencing styles to ensure the message being delivered is clear, engages others and – eureka! – leads to commitments and the desired action(s).

Darrell Gunter, Chief Marketing Officer for Collexis Holdings, Inc. — is the instructor for Decisions & Judgment, with frank conversations about assessing the situation, making tough choices, and exercising that judgment — knowing when to hold and perhaps when to fold.  Oh yeah – and then communicating the decision. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but critical for information professionals moving forward with their careers.

Kate Noerr, CEO MuseGlobal Inc. — is the instructor for  Success without Compromise. Kate explores the delicate art of balancing your personal and professional aspects of life as well as holding true to your personal values when they may be in conflict with what’s being asked of you professionally.

And how do you really know what your values & personal energizers are? Because Barbara Robinson, an information professional who is an Executive Coach works with the group on their Leadership Styles and Approaches, helping participants understand that how we see ourselves and others shapes our approach to assessing situations, problem solving, strategic issues, and managing others.  Barbara does this by offering participants an incredible offer on the Birkman Assessment.  If you are interested (& we need to be — in this environment we need to understand ourselves to direct ourselves and our careers), contact me at rebecca@dysartjones.com.  Those who took the Birkman with Barbara last year said, “I loved the Birkman. The level of detail was amazing. It provided me with perspective on both my strengths and my areas of stress! ”

Come join us in the Think Tank. You’ll have a blast &  have one-on-one’s with executives who understand our world. Here’s comments from last year’s participants:  “Speakers were inspirational.” Thank you very much for putting on this superb CE session!  It was a great opportunity to be in a room with thought leaders from both within our profession as well as from the greater industry.  The pre-session readings were on target with leadership issues, and the thought-provoking dialogues we had before, during and after the session were … well … thought provoking – which is what it was all about!”

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