Don Tapscott, keynote at FastForward09, built on an his earlier books, Growing Up Digital, Wikinomics, and others as he talked about how a new generation is driving an age of engagement which aligns with the conference theme: Engage Your User.  He talked about his new book, Grown Up Digital, about how disagrees that the net generation or digital natives (also known as millenials and Gen Y) is the dumbest generation (especially check out out Don’s YouTube video on this site) , and about how this generation is a powerful force for change in our world.  He gave lots of examples including a digital native who has a year’s worth of one week jobs, and a 6th grader who went after financing for his business Playspan.  I loved how he talked about the net gen attitude: work=collaboration=learning=fun — that’s the kind of workplace we all should want to see.  And also his caution to organizations who do not allow the use of social tools like Facebook to be accessed.  Here’s something you can use if your organization is one of those:  I won’t go onto Facebook during work time or on work computers if you don’t expect me to answer company emails after hours or on weekends.  Nice!  Check out more info about Don’s talk and book, and also here, on the FastForward Blog.