John Kao opened KMWorld & Intranets 2008 in San Jose this morning and drew lots of blog attention at the new KMWorldblog. Also check out comments from other bloggers at the conference.

I loved John’s definition of innovation: a set of capabilities that allows continuous realization of a desired future. Some of his quotes: “Innovation drives, and is an enabler of, transformation, giving it a goal or desired direction.” “Innovation blossoms in diverse settings.” “Innovation comes through conversations in different disciplines.” Scientists, designers, and many others are “actors in a value chain for innovation.” It’s the “business processes that take innovation from the lab into the business.” And I really look forward to his Harvard Business Review article coming out early in the new year on new business models using systems integrators — the systems integrator model for building new businesses — a “born global strategy” where parts of the organization are decentralized all over the world. “Units of action are decentralized from a global array of resources.” It will be a “fundamental transformation in the way ventures are formed.”