Interesting that these topics are coming up regularly.  Recently Daniel J. Caron, Assistant Deputy Minister, Library & Archives Canada spoke at IFLA about “Moving Towards a New Information Specialist Profile“.  He talked about the changing environment where technology means not only doing things better, but differently, and also changes user behaviour to which we need to adapt and ensure our authoratative information gets into their space.  He emphasized that people want value- added embedded in technologies, and are no longer willing to go to a professional intermediary. He stressed the need to re-think and re-create the legal and regulatory framework because of new digital paradigms.  And with no control over information in a world where anyone can be a publisher, information objects appear and disappear and it is difficult to identify authorative information; so information specialists will have some new roles.

And just published a terrific and very practical article, “30 Skills Every IT Person Needs” which provides lots of great tips and suggestions.  They also summarized Forrester Research’s recent look at “16 Hot Roles for IT Pros“.  “Hot roles in IT will be driven by the need for local and cross-discipline knowledge, changes in technology, greater emphasis on managing risk and the enterprise, and a limited supply of key roles.”  Key roles include: information/data architect and information security expert; data- or content-oriented business analyst, business architect, enterprise architect, and vendor-management expert; enterprise project manager; business-specific or technology-specific experts; desktop virtualization expert, mobile operations and devices expert, and storage director.

Lot for information professionals to think about and some great new titles, my favorite  — desktop virtualization expert.