profiles Googles’ failures in “Ten god-awful Google flops & fiascos.It’s worth scanning, especially the section about Google Answers, which, despite the quality, flopped in the face of Yahoo’s free answers…..and the fact that Google expects employees to 20% of their time pursuing personal projects of interest —- since out of failures rise 1 or 2 significant successes. If we aren’t falling down occasionally, it’s because we aren’t walking on new paths or trying anything new. And that’s really dangerous, especially for libraries and information services.  Celebrate service ideas that don’t work — it means that you’ve tried something & learned!
Google is just the newest in a long line of successful failures; Einstein, Edison, they all struggled through many “learnings”. Cuz that’s all they are — “learnings”. Check out what we can learn from Google. And here’s the quote of the day I received from the feed to my blackberry: “Thomas A. Edison: “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”