Creating & Promoting Amateur & Viral Videos

Sat in on this session at Streaming Meida East  yesterday with a bunch of cool speakers in a session moderated by Kevin Nalts, Product Manager & Industry Blogger, WillvideoForFood.comPaul Kontonis, CEO, For Your Imagination talked about making videos interesting, and getting people to talk about them so they keep coming back to view them. He gave an example of a viral video campaign with individuals doing things with a new beer can from Coors which didn’t do week until they found a popular YouTuber to respond to video to help drive views – Sexy Coors Light Girls. He also refered to Word of Mouth amplifiers who help to make videos go viral. J. Crowley, talked about talking to your audience, and making it transparent for them so that they know a video is sponsored.  For ad money, he said, you really need serialized content, it is not enough to be popular on YouTube.  He also said that humor, paradies, and nostalgia works for helping videos go viral, his example was a trailer he created for a fake move that brought in a Tetris like environment.  Ben Relles, CEO,, talked about his political satire site and some of their videos.  He emphasized that you want videos that people talk and blog about (like Obama Girl), a topic that is being talked about online a lot, and using that to create a popular video (Bill O’Reilly, Hilary in Bosnia).  Kip Kedersha, Viral Video Producer and Metacage Top Producer,  who makes instructional videos and makes money at it, says his secret is producing short, compelling videos which for him, has developed a large  fan base.  He used his “turning a maglite into a laser pionter” video as an example with the audience.

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