earthday08.gifGoogle’s Earth Day scenario with the little turtle in front reminded me of a cool book that Rebecca and I used years ago in a creativity session with clients, Wheel of Wisdom: A Turtle & Hare Journey to Your Dream by Canadian author, Angelika Clubb.  The book is “for anyone who has ever had a dream or longs to find one” and helps you “tap into the energies of your inner turtle and hare to give your dream a plan and put a great plan behind your dreams.”   The inner hare is the visionary who spins out the dream and the turtle is the planner who grounds the dream and takes it forward, one step at a time.  Turtle teaches focus, discipline, patience and helps align the plan to the dream.  Hare teaches courage, thinking in possibilities, creative imagination and helps let go in order to seed a new dream.  Thanks, Google pic for reminding of this fun book.