Keen, who came out of O’Reilly’s 2004 Foo Camp as a Web 2.0 skeptic, was interviewed by Information Today VP of Content, Dick Kaser at the Buying & Selling eContent event.  Some interesting comments, quotes: 

We have to get beyond the cult of the innocent/child; how can they be wiser than expert?

Best book on Web 2.0 — The Long Tail.

Google chapter in Keen’s book,The Cult of the Amateur, is called 1984 2.0.  Keen believes Google is more successful than Microsoft and an ad monopoly.  It learns about us and our intelligence and wants to know us intimiately so it can sell us personalized ads.

 Keen believes that 3.0 (the next big thing) will bring the return of expertise, professionalism  and the curator.  He used the example of a curated search engine.

Interesting messages in his talk for information professionals: stay away from the cult of the amateur, don’t be humble –“humility is the kiss of death”, open source software doesn’t translate into open source culture — a crowd can’t author books or write songs, revel in the role of authorative curator and use experts to build communities, like Kids