Stephen Abram, VP Innovation, SirsiDynix and Chief Strategist, SirsiDynix Institute spoke to the Education Institute today about keeping up. He talked about learning styles and how you can spend 15 minutes each day to learn something new, and hopefully it’s a lot like playing. He suggests keepinga list (started by his love for 43 things) of things you don’t know about so you can find out about them and/or try them out. Stephened referenced Helene Blowers, Technology Director, used of 23 things to stir 2.0 learning in her organization,
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Stephen’s top 10 tips (many borrowed from Helene):
* Don’t confuse learning with training
* Design the program for late bloomers
* Allow participants to blog anonymously
* Use 1.0 methods to continually communicate
* Focus on “discovery” & offer challenges
* Encourage staff to work together
* It’s not about “doing IT right”
* Practice transparency & enable radical trust
* Continually encourage staff to “Play”
* Consider rewards — they work and focus attention