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We’ve lived the operational and organizational realities our clients face, and factor these realities into our work with them for individuals and teams to reach their full leadership potential.

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We bring together experts in engaging, uniquely designed learning and leadership events that provoke thinking and prompt solution-based insights.

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We’ve built our reputation as a trusted advisor to knowledge, library and information communities by facilitating highly inclusive direction planning and organizational design.



Ideas and perspectives on the information and library sector. Provoking to prompt thinking.


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Moving Forward: JTBD Framework – SLACanadaTalks on July 15, 2021

Jobs to Be Done or JTBD is a framework of thinking that is used when a technology team is looking to launch a new product or a process in a department. It is designed to make sure the people served are getting what they want…not only focusing on your vision. Templates and guidelines are shared that help in decisions relating to processes, procedures, and technologies for the benefit of your patrons and staff. JTBD is a framework/template that can assist in making sure that what you plan to implement satisfies underlying needs.

Jane Dysart

Jane Dysart is a founding Partner of Dysart & Jones and its Curator of Curiosity. She specializes in designing customized conferences and learning exchanges.

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones is Managing Partner of Dysart & Jones. A seasoned facilitator, she focuses on strategy, problem-solving, and leadership coaching.


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