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Leader Development and Coaching

We’ve lived the operational and organizational realities our clients face, and factor these realities into our work with them for individuals and teams to reach their full leadership potential.

Customized Events

We bring together experts in engaging, uniquely designed learning and leadership events that provoke thinking and prompt solution-based insights.

Strategy and Organization Design and Implementation

We’ve built our reputation as a trusted advisor to knowledge, library and information communities by facilitating highly inclusive direction planning and organizational design.

D&J Blog

Ideas and perspectives on the information and library sector. Provoking to prompt thinking.


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Sunrise or Sunset?

I was really inspired yesterday listening to KM pioneer Leif Edvinsson speak to the SIKM community begun by Stan Garfield many years ago. He began his talk by asking Stan what he thought of the world today, sunrise or sunset? Trick question! The sun never sets. So our world goes on! Leif touched on many interesting things: KM in 3D, knowledge navigation, ignorance management, learning to see, learning journeys, and more!

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Jane Dysart

Jane Dysart is a founding Partner of Dysart & Jones and its Curator of Curiosity. She specializes in designing customized conferences and learning exchanges.

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones is Managing Partner of Dysart & Jones. A seasoned facilitator, she focuses on strategy, problem-solving, and leadership coaching.

Daryl Novak

Daryl leads the Dysart & Jones executive search & recruitment services.


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