Social Media Workflow


Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategist & Industry Analyst from Altimeter, and last year’s KMWorld 2011 keynote speaker just shared an amazing look the social media workflow, process and triage. He starts with

The 10 Attributes of Successful of Social Media Workflow

First, let’s align the goals of having a successful social media workflow in place, benchmark your goals against the following attributes:

1) Alignment with corporate goals and customer goals. 2) Buy-in and agreement to the process from all involved business units in the organization. 3) Few or no overlapping tasks and resources. 4) Clear articulation of who will do what, when, where, and how. 5) Organizational alignment through training, testing, and refinement. 6) Integration with existing business systems, processes, and software in existing channels. 7) A clear, easy-to-reference document with clear labels and requires little explanation. 8] Scope includes all possible scenarios are included when to respond –and when notto respond. 9) Periodic improvements on the process as the business evolves. 10) Measurable business impacts report to all stakeholders on a periodic basis.

He then discusses 6 roadblocks and risks that need to be identified and moves onto to strategy, which BTW could be used for any planning activities:

Starting with Strategy Ensure all social media activities (and all else we do) align with the company mission and goals, let’s ensure we’re prepared in having a strategic direction with our peers, executives, and team. Start by:

Ensure the Goals are Established and Aligned. Obtain agreement from an executive sponsor,

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