Take a pie chart to talk with your boss about priorities


Feeling overwhelmed with conflicting priorities, projects, meetings & every day “stuff”? Probably. And, if you are like most people, your frustration & stress level increases because not only are you run off your feet – or seat (since most of us are sitting) – but you know that you aren’t running in the direction you want to be towards the projects & priorities that are most important. Use your calendar and a simple pie chart to track where you are spending your time.

Look at the last month of your calendar; hopefully every meeting/discussion/block of time is in there — or you can fill in some of it. Do a rough calculation of the hours in each of 4 – 6 “buckets” of your job — those main areas in which you are investing your time. These areas should line up with your key responsibilities, but the pie chart will display what’s fact (& maybe what’s fiction).

I coach those new to management, particularly those who have “moved up” into leadership roles within an organization. The rule of thumb is that individuals in a new role have 90 days to demonstrate to their managers & to themselves that the role is right fit for them. Yet, too often when someone moves from one position into a new position they take some of their “previous” position with them. Here’s a case in point:

This individual had been given a promotion to a leadership role responsible for a large operational area including

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