Advice for Advancing Agendas!


Great article containing very practical advice for libraries (and others) who want to push their agendas! It’s from a retired politician who actually wrote a book about his experience! From former Nova Scotia finance minister Graham Steele, author of, What I Learned about Politics, Here’s a review of the book. But here is his specific advice. Let me know if you try it and if it works for you. Be tough. Don’t be too nice. Just do it!

“None of you should talk to a politician about anything that matters without knowing what the escape hatches are,” said Steele. “The escape hatches are the rhetorical devices that politicians learn to avoid dealing with the real issue.”

Steele used an example of an escape hatch he used as finance minister when he was on a tour called Back to Balance.

During the tour, Steele spoke with Denise Corey, who is now the chief librarian for Cumberland Public Libraries. Corey was also at Steele’s visit at the Wandlyn Inn.

“Denise was at the session and she said she spoke to me about libraries at the meeting and I have no recollection of it,” said Steele.

Steele asked Corey what he said to her at the Back to Balance meeting.

“What I said is what every politician says, ‘I love libraries.’”

He also said he would look into her concerns.

“To Denise that sounds reasonable,

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