IFLA: Connections, Collaboration, Community


President’s Meeting in Columbus, Aug 2016

Ok, here I am in Columbus, Ohio attending IFLA‘s 82nd World Library & Information Congress and feeling really guilty that I have not posted & connected since February! Not because I didn’t have things to say, but for various reasons. So if Andrew Pace can get back to blogging, I felt I better too! Thanks Andrew for pushing me! 🙂

A lot of great stuff is happening at this IFLA meeting with the theme – Connections, Collaboration & Community. Here’s a few things:

New Continuing Professional Development Guidelines from on of the standing committees I belong to, CDPWL. And we had a great discussion of those guidelines in our session on Tues. We’ll be doing another one at next year’s conference in Poland. President’s Meeting with great speakers (session 092) — I tweeted a lot using #IFLAPres & there is also a Facebook page you can like & learn about future meetings. BTW, in his plenary session this morning David Ferriero, who blogs as AOTUS, mentioned one of my tweets from the Monday morning’s President’s meeting! I nearly fell off my chair! Knowledge Management section, which I’ve been a member of for many years, just published a book highlighting wonderful speaker presentations over the last number of years — Knowledge Management in Libraries & Organizations

Hope to share more soon!

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IFLA 2013: Supporting KM – Tech & Tools


Here is the paper & slides Frank Cervone & Jane Dysart presented at IFLA’s( 79th World Library Information Congress in Singapore:

Paper: IFLA – Cervone-Dysart-KM Tools

Slides: Slides Cervone-Dysart-IFLA_KM_Tools

The presentation covers some open access and open sources technology and tools which can be used to support learning, knowledge sharing and team-based work in any organization. It covers knowledge management (KM) systems, business intelligence (BI) systems, document management tools, personal KM tools, some specialized application tools and social media tools. This list is definitely not exhaustive, but some to look at if you need some support for your initiatives.

SOFTWARE AND REFERENCE URLS ( OpenKM ( SpagoBI ( JasperSoft ( OpenDocMan ( TemaTres ( MediaCrawler ( OpenSearchServer ( PiggyDB ( Freeplane ( Kwok Information Server ( Plandora ( ( KM Today newsletter ( City of Yarra and Yammer ( British Library and Yammer

IFLA Insights with Jane


Trends, and thinking about the future, have always excited me and I want to share a couple of recent trend reports. The first trend report is from my colleague Stephen Abram (he and I used to watch kids in the playground in thinking about future technology). It is one he put together for a recent webinar, a technology forecast for libraries.

Education Institute: 2014 Tech Forecast for Libraries in Stephen’s Lighthouse

The second trends report was released from IFLA yesterday. It is based on interviews and discussions with experts from many different environments (including my friend & valued speaker, Lee Raine, Director, Internet & American Life Project, Pew Research Institute & keynote at Internet Librarian 2013 in the fall in CA). IFLA’s trends report is not specific to libraries but showcases insights in a broader context. As we look at what changes are happening in the world, we need to think carefully about the implications for libraries and their communities. Something Dysart & Jones do with their clients regularly.

IFLA Trends:

New technologies will both expand & limit who has access to information Online education will transform & disrupt traditional learning Boundaries of data protection & privacy will be redefined Hyper-connected societies will listen to & empower new groups (mobile technology plays a big part) The global information economy will be transformed by new technologies

Technology is a common thread in IFLA’s trends and certainly in sessions at the 79th WLIC in Singapore. Technology is a (not the) core

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Live from IFLA! Learning presentations


Frank Cervone and Jane Dysart are talking about Global Online Learning Resources today at IFLA 2010 in Sweden, and Cindy Hill is presenting E-system for delivering San Jose Distance Learning Programme. Both presentations are here:

Frank Cervone & Jane Dysart Global Learning Resources @ IFLA2010 and Cindy Hill Elearning System for Delivering San Jose Distance Learning Program

Library & Research Services for Parliaments


Workshop day

The Library & Reseaerch Services for Parliaments section of IFLA is meeting at the Joint Parliamentary Library building in Rome, a former monastary (where Galileo was tried) with wonderful frescos, marble, wood as well as a fantastic view of the top of the Pantheon from the cafeteria on the 6th floor. What an amazing venue for a meeting. Tuesday started with a workshop on leveraging technology. I participated in the workshop with Donna Scheeder, Director, Law Library Services, Library of Congress and Moira Fraser, Parliament of New Zealand. My presentation slides are here and the others will join mine shortly.

On Wednesday our large group of about 250 from more than 50 countries, learned about the Italian Parliament, their Joint Parliamentaty Library and ended our day in the Senate which was first used in 1861 followed by a wonderful dinner in a fantastic atmosphere. More to come.