Tools for Measuring, Influencing & Planning


If you are in Victoria, BC on Wednesday May 28th, Moe Hosseini-Ara and I will be working with a group to use practical tools for measuring, influencing key stakeholders and for long-term or strategic planning. This is a pre-conference workshop for the CLA and BCLA conference – and registration includes breaks and lunch! It is always such a fulfilling experience to work with Moe. He is on secondment from his job as Director, Service Excellence, Markham Public Library and is currently Director of Culture, Culture Services, City of Markham. He brings a stakeholder perspective to the templates and approaches for determining and conveying appropriate strategies and measures. I bring the academic, corporate and government perspective to these approaches and tools. And Moe and I are doubly proud that Ulla de Stricker, who can’t join us because of prior commitments, has sent along her work for us to use with the group. No one influences like Ulla!

To register, contact Wendy Walton at CLA:

Below is one of the templates participants will be working with. Come join us!

Strategy, Influence & Measures: Practical Tools

Information professionals and all those in management roles in libraries use a range of technical tools in their daily activities with our customers. What tools, though, do we use with our stakeholders or decision-makers to move forward progressively – and successfully? This workshop covers the components of four practical, critical tools and invites participants from government, corporate, academic, public and non-profit sectors to discuss: 1.

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Recreating CLA!


The Canadian Library Association journey to recreate itself continues! Congratulations to the Executive Board, the many volunteers, Kelly and the staff at CLA for their incredible work during the past year as they worked with members and other associations to draft a Futures Plan for CLA. Keith Walker, current President, laughed that he had sent +5000 emails to CLA colleagues this past year, but within the laughter is the truth of the dedication he and other Board members have demonstrated consulting members, responding to criticism, drafting, re-drafting and RE-drafting a plan to define a national voice for the library sector. What a task; at times a thankless task. No one volunteers to be on a association’s Board to be told “welcome to the Board – by the way, the association is broke”. And yet these people faced and made incredibly difficult decisions and carried out their Board responsibilities with grace, professionalism, vision and good will.

Their vision — the new vision for CLA — is that CLA will be the national voice for the library sector — the sector’s advocate nationally and internationally. How it will do that will be determined. First the association had to stop the financial bleeding (which they have done — they presented a balanced budget! Woot!), and had to have members approve the significant by-law changes. Now the new Board will develop the strategies and tactics required to begin to bring the vision to reality.

An indicator of a healthy association is that members

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