Service Design

Well-integrated information services are where knowledge and decision-making meetand hit it off.

The goal of the information and knowledge professional is to integrate decision-ready information into their clients’ work processes seamlessly. Not an easy undertaking. Information services can be powerful tools not only for delivering the information people need to make smart choices, but for reinforcing your organizations identity, its way of doing business and of seeing itself. These services can also be a dismal failure. Like everyone, you’ve used unintuitive interfaces; received too many or too few results from a database search; been left with cold feet and bewilderment by a resource without character or coherence. Drawing on extensive experience in library management and knowledge services, Dysart & Jones work with your team to design high-value services, critical for your clients.

Role Definition

Some of your most valuable staffers hold positions that didn’t exist last year.

The structure of your organization is a flexible affair. Part of that flexibility is imposed on it from without: your clients’ needs, your industry, and your world are all changing, making new structures necessary and old ones obsolete. But any organization can further its own flexibility with deliberate revision and design, ensuring that when a tremor hits the structure can bend with it.

This process can involve wholesale reorganization; but more often it means a detailed examination of what is expected of the occupants of key positions, and what competencies they will need. Is your staff appropriately distributed? Is the role of each member clearly defined?

As with all meticulous internal processes, your organization stands to make significant gains in efficiency and stability from a review of structure and key rolesbut it also risks being too limited in perspective to be effective. Dysart & Jones Associates brings you a wealth of experience and the extramural perspective you need to be balanced.