Planning & Priorities

Strategic planning shouldn’t take forever. Make sure you’re heading where you need to go.

When your world changes, suddenly or subtly, you need to adapt, to reevaluate your approaches and activitiesespecially the ones you take for granted.

Like many organizations, you may be concerned that the course you have been charting is no longer appropriate. Maybe your clients have developed new needs or a new and viable competitor has appeared. Maybe your products are becoming obsolete. The key to sustained success: seeing the present and the future clearly enough to act with resolve.

We specialize in taking information service organizations’ roles, visions, and plans out of the box and into the daylight. During the last 12 years we’ve developed vital and vigorous strategies for a host of information centres and corporate libraries quickly. Our focus is on helping you develop a strategic or a business plan within weeks, not months; a plan that is client-focused, practical, and progressive.


Your people are putting a lot of energy into their work — and implementing plans; is that energy well spent?

Everyone is working hard. The problem in many organizations is that people are working hard on processes and projects that divert energies away from their clients. People are exhausted, running faster and faster without progressing toward where they want to be.

We help you ask and answer critical questions:

Are your organization’s priorities focused on meeting the needs of your clients?

Are your organization’s day-to-day operations properly oriented to ensure that these priorities can be satisfied?

Are the services and products your organization offers appropriate to both its own direction and its clients’ needs?

Are your priorities today going to take you to the future you want tomorrow?

Enlisting an experienced, external opinion can make it much easier to make dispassionate, balanced judgements. With more than 30 years experience, we help your organization to refine its operational priorities and renew its concentration on the client.