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OLA Poster: Core Journals in Canadian Aboriginal Studies – Academic Library Perspective

Poster developed by: Michelle Lake and Kirsten Huhn; Concordia University Libraries

Aboriginal/Indigenous/Native/First Peoples studies is a growing field in academic intuitions across Canada.  Academic libraries need to respond by providing the best possible scholarly resources to our communities.  Our research focuses on identifying core journals in Canadian aboriginal studies, to enhance collection development and research in this discipline. We hope to create a list of core journals in Canadian Aboriginal Studies by comparing collections at different academic libraries, compiling an inventory of current publications in the field and investigating what journals are faculty’s preferred venues for publishing their research.

ID# 74 Lake_Huhn_OLA2014_Poster_Core Journals in Canadian Aboriginal Studies

OLA Poster: Mobile Access to Academic eBook Content

A Ryerson investigation

Poster developed by: Josephine Choi and Naomi Eichenlaub; Ryerson University

Like most academic libraries, Ryerson provides access to ebooks on many different platforms. This project will report on our investigation into mobile accessibility of Ryerson library ebooks. For each of our ebook platforms we will test mobile ebook access on different devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle and Kobo. We will also determine which platforms allow for online/offline access to content. Results will be presented in a spreadsheet / table with related graphs and background information.

ID# 52 Choi_Eichenlaub_OLA_Ebooksposter_FINAL-page-0

OLA Poster: Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Re-imagining Self-Directed Programming

Poster developed by: Melanie Parlette-Stewart and Lindsey Robinson; University of Guelph

The redesign of Self-Directed Programming at the University of Guelph Library has led to the creation of workshops that target digital literacy skill development and digital citizenship. Through these workshops we combine digital literacy skills and tool utilization to allow students to successfully manage and create opportunities for themselves as digital citizens. Workshop content is created for both Face-to-Face and online, allowing for a blended experience. A sample of workshop topics include infographics, Google Scholar, Zotero and digital identity management.

ID# 82 OLA_DigitalLiteracyandCitizenship_Parlette-Stewart_Robinson

OLA Poster: How Curriculum Mapping Facilitated the Integration of Information Literacy in an Undergraduate Curriculum

Poster developed by: Karine Fournier; University of Ottawa

Information literacy is part of the undergraduate Nutrition program at the University of Ottawa since its creation 7 years ago, but has it been fully integrated? Is there any redundancy in its delivery? What is the impact of library sessions on students’ learning outcomes? This poster will show how mapping information literacy throughout the curriculum can help answer these questions, along with identifying gaps in the students’ information literacy skills in order to improve them.

ID# 77 KarineFournier

OLA Poster: Let’s Connect

Poster developed by: Karen Bisschop and Karen Clysedale; Peterborough Public Library

A summary and analysis of our Library Week campaign to promote the library’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Our campaign aims to increase awareness and use of these tools in order to help us communicate with both current members and non-members in our community. We will use several strategies, including a Facebook trivia contest, and report on both quantitative and qualitative outcomes. Our campaign analysis will be highly relevant to the day-to-day needs of Ontario’s small-medium libraries that do not have specialised marketing staff.

ID# 38 Let'sConnect_Bisschop

OLA Poster: Where Are You? A Story of Digital GovDocs in Ontario

Poster developed by: Simone O’Byrne; Ontario Ministry of the Environment, and Peter Duerr; York University

Over a million pages of Ontario Government Documents have been digitized over the past several years courtesy of the Ontario Digitization Initiative (ODI) . The full text of these documents are publicly and permanently hosted at the University of Toronto’s Internet Archive. In order to establish a snapshot inventory of past, present and future efforts, a 32 question survey was circulated among 77 institutions. Data from the 22 responses was collated and presented at the 2013 OCUL Summit. This poster will showcase the major themes of our findings.

ID# 23 digital govdocs in ontario_1

OLA Poster: Growing a support program for the new Blended Services Model at McMaster University

Poster developed by: Jill Bedford and Rodney Howland; McMaster University

Launched in 2009, MAC’s Blended Services Model demanded more complex skills from Library Assistants at main service points. This led to the development of a library training committee composed of a blended services staff member from each library and a librarian.  This group developed and implemented a participatory training plan for ongoing staff support. The poster will showcase a unique combination of training strategies and diverse  activities that led to the successful implementation of this initiative.  Two years later, results from surveys and feedback show the model works.

ID# 53 GrowingSupportProgramMcMaster

OLA Poster: Responsive Library Catalogue Design at University of Toronto Libraries

Poster developed by: Lisa Gayhart, and Bilal Khalid; University of Toronto Libraries

With a wide variety of library patrons, an increase in mobile usage, and a growing segment of users with varying levels of abilities, a library catalogue has to be many things to many people. This poster examines University of Toronto Libraries’ development of a new responsive and accessible library catalogue, focusing on overcoming challenges such as: improving search functionality and performance; designing an intuitive interface, optimized for various screen sizes; and soliciting and incorporating user feedback. Speak with members of the development team and learn more about this innovative project.

ID# 9 OLA Poster - saved for the web

OLA Poster: The Impact of LIS Field Experiences On Career Success

Poster developed by: Judith Logan; University of Toronto

Field experiences are often cited as one of the best ways for LIS students to improve their chances of getting a job post-graduation. Anecdotal evidence corroborates this, but there is very little hard evidence.  This poster will report preliminary findings of a mixed-methods study that is attempting to measure the impact of field experiences–in all their various forms–on career success.ID# 1 lis_field_experiences_logan

OLA Poster: Serving Up Information at Appy Hour

Poster developed by: Kristen Caschera; London Public Library

Appy Hour is a pilot project, designed to showcase the library’s reference and reader’s advisory services surrounding e-books, electronic collections and other resources.  Patrons bring their phones, tablets and other devices into the Library and get help with a variety of questions:  How do I download an e-book?  Can you recommend an app?  Why am I getting this error message?  In addition to allowing for more intensive one-on-one help, Appy Hour also serves as a good way to train other staff on this type of reference service.