Getting Groups to Where they Need to Be

Our job is to make your job at meetings and off-sites as effective and easy as possible. As skilled meeting facilitators, we work with you to ensure the meeting or group function is designed and managed to produce specific meeting outcomes while keeping participants energized and engaged. Your job is to fully participate in the meeting; our job is to manage the agenda and group dynamics.

Do you need to:

  • Plan a project?
  • Make a decision?
  • Review and improve a process?
  • Update your strategic or business plan and agree to further action steps?
  • Bring two groups together to solve a problem?
  • Conduct group interviews to gain client insights?
  • Test your services and programs with focus groups?

You know how critical it is to organize these meetings for success. Well help you make sure that you and all participants are prepared and able to work collaboratively towards the objectives. Over the years we have worked with groups to help answer all of the questions listed above, and more. Here are a few examples:

  • We successfully facilitated:
    • decision-making process for an international firm in which 30 senior managers representing 5 different service areas and six countries needed to agree on one global service strategy.
    • work group conflicts; one of these situations involved working with teams in different functional areas and located in different countries who must work together to deliver services and projects; we facilitated a joint team to develop new working processes that have replaced friction with increased productivity and a collaborative working relationship.
    • group interviews for an long-established information function with their clients and stakeholders to gain an understanding of current perceptions and evolving priorities and information wants. This was critical input for the information function as they updated and recreated their service and product portfolio.
    • focus groups for an information service organization testing new service delivery concepts and options.
    • several off-sites for organizations who have completed strategic plans and are mid-way through the implementation these; the results have been a renewed buy-in to their directions and short-term plans to keep the implementation on track and on time