Downloading E-Books Made Easy (Even from the Library)

Thank you Stacey Nordlund. ¬†Stacey has created the eBooks Made Easy: How to Download Library eBooks to eReaders and Mobile Devices. I’ve used her excellent, easy to follow instructions, with my iPad as well as with a Kobo and Sony eReader and they were/are a life-saver. ¬†Why is it so easy to download ebooks we purchase, yet so complex to download ebooks to be borrowed? I know this situation for public libraries will eventually be simplified, but, in the meantime thanks, Stacey, for creating this and for your permission to share; do most libraries have instructions like this for their users?

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  • Rebecca, thanks for the sharing my site with your readers! I’ve found that many libraries neglect to provide step-by-step instructions to help users access this type of digital content. My aim is to fill that gap; I’m always happy to hear that my site is considered useful.

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