Conference Planning: Behind the Scenes

It came to my attention, Walt Crawford’s blog post, that most people do not realize just how difficult it is to find venues and dates for large conferences. Information Today’s Computers in Libraries 2006 just concluded in Washington DC with a record attendance of 2,662. As you can see from ITI’s blog, which links to lots of conference bloggers, it was indeed a happening event! CIL has had similar dates for the conference in DC for at least six years; PLA (being held at the same time in Boston) is an event which happens every two years. Hotels are often difficult to work with as ITI knows. CIL07 has been pushed out of the Hilton in DC by a larger and demanding conference and will be held April 16-18,2007 at the Hyatt in Crystal City. As ITI looks for space in 2008, I am sure they will try to avoid PLA’s conference (even though it is not obvious from their web site just when and where they plan to hold the 2008 event) as well as all the other conferences held in the spring!

In addition, anyone can apply to speak at an Information Today event by going to the web site and clicking on the appropriate conference web site. We are always looking for speakers, so please, do volunteer. In addition to our network of speakers and attendees, we rely on practitioners to tell us what’s leading edge, about the best practices and tools in use and in beta, and to communicate with us about new and exciting applications. Many future talks and presentations are planned when we talk to attendees at conferences — so join us, talk to us. And so Walt, what would you like to talk about at Internet Librarian 2006, October 23-25, Monterey CA.?

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